It's a bass amp from the 80s. 300w Carvin head. Solid state.

4x15 cabinet.

Sounds great, looks dirty.

It's mostly drywall stuff, I think. Water or windoex doesn't clean it and take it out. See pic here http://a533.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/37/l_d7895c95a25c95ec3106dc11308af07c.jpg looking at the top of the head, you'll see its coated in white. Know what I mean?

I can't get it out.. If I clean it with water, it looks great, then once it dries, it looks like crap again.

Any tips? I can take a better pic if needed. Thanks!
i used cockpit shine that would normaly be used for a cars interior and it worked great
Amp-5150 Block Letter

Cab-Recto 4x12

Guitar-Jackson DKMG

Pedals-to many to name
Hmm. I'll ask my grandparents if they have anything used in the car. Any other names of products I might have lying around?

Anything else?