I have a Razorback V that I want to trade for a half stack, this guitar WAS in perfect condition until earlier today when my friend dropped it so the horns have little dents on them, not that big of a deal but noticeable up close. As you can see in the pics, the plastic coating has not even been removed from the covers on the back. It has only been played a few times I will trade it for just about any half-stack except a marshall MG, would consider a trade for another guitar with a floyd rose, or if somebody wanted to get rid of a loaded pedal board.

Let me know if you want pictures of anything else.

I played one of these at GC, the neck feels way fast, if i hadn't just bought a schecter id totally get this man good luck
i think you posted in my thread abuot the schecter C1 artist? if you still want to, I'm game for working out a trade.
i don't know if you were talking to me or not but i don't have any PM's?