well im looking for a new amp now, i was thinking a carvin legacy half stack would be pretty good, also i played an EVH 5150 today, its was really nice, but i dont want to spend 3 grand on an amp so its out of the question. what are some amps similar to it?
look into the original EVH 5150 and peavey 6505 which is the same amp just a name change when eddie left the company. The 5150 3 is quite expensive. And honestly i didnt think it was worth it either. The carvin legacy you can't go wrong in my opinion if you like the tone. Most people will probably agree that the original 5150's and 6505's sound better than the new 5150 and are much much less expensive.
the thing is im looking to spend maybe 1500 max on the amp... the head alone on the 6505 is 1300
yeah i thought of that right after i posted, how much would one of them go for used?
Engl Fireball head? Check out some VHT, Mesa too
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