so im looking into getting an all tube amp, with a budget of around 700-800(USD) , or maybe a lil more depending on recommendations

im into some classic rock/metal as well as some new things

black sabbath
alice in chains
Guns n roses

i was looking into the Peavey valveking, until i expanded my budget i saw recommendations for the Peavey classic 30, are their any other amps you UG'ers suggest me look into playing tomorrow at guitarcenter

i play through an epiphone g-400 1966 remake
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Bugera. Look into them. Their great.
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I think Peavey Classic, or maybe some kind of Orange might be good... Might have to go used for the Orange though... And not sure what model...
Not bugera for classic sounds, and Orange is expensive in the States...

You might be able to swing one, though.

Try the Palomino V32 and the Crate V33/50. They can do all that stuff you want, and they sound better than the Valveking.

The Classic 30 is great, but also give the Delta Blues a look. It might suit you better, because it's a bit darker than the Classic.
Epiphone blues custom.
Ibanez turbo tubescreamer.
And some new pickups, pots and a new switch for the guitar.
Stock epiphone electronics are the semi-suck.
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i was liking the sound of the Palomino V32 on youtube, couldn't find a crate v50, but did find a v30 and liked that a lot....

any more to add to the list to try tomorrow before i go to bed?
Orange Rocker 30 with an OD pedal? They can't be 800 in the States...
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The classic 30 and Valvekings are both pretty good, but at this point you can probably afford better.

What sort of wattage are you looking for? A used mesa of some sort is probably way too much power but you might like that. Since people are mentioning 5 watt heats, I've heard good things about the blackheart one.