Hey guys.

So I live in Australia, and I've decided to buy an ENGL from Europe 'cause it's WAY cheaper. I've settled on the Powerball and am saving. I got my price off Thomann, but I was just wondering if there are any online stores cheaper than Thomann?

Also, the ENGL Powerball is only made in two voltages right? ~220v and ~110v? It seems alright to me, just wanted to clarify.

Lastly, what speaker cable do you recommend I buy with the head? I was thinking just the Ssnake cable, but if you could recommend me another type that's better (is "better" even noticable?) or cheaper, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance guys
Thomann has good prices, the only thing negative about it is that they are so big you can't hassle the price down. But that would be hard over phone/mail anyways. I'd recommend using them.
Yeah I didn't really think of haggling the price down seeing as how the local shop charges about $3,600 for it (and that's considered a slashed price by them).