I'm not sure how to ask for this, though I'm sure it must be done delicately.

Does there exist an 'image' that will crash a browser? If so, is there a way to use/ get this image without crashing my browser?

I ask UG because I remember one time during a spammer attack I ran into this image. From what loaded it looked like a blur of green swirls.

Again, please don't post it on the forum, I am just crazy curious as to how this work.

(If this against a rule, please tell me before you lock it and I will delete the thread.)
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yeah I know the spam attack you were talking about. One from ebaumsworld crashed my browser a few times. It was an image that just kept resizing and getting bigger until I got the browser needs to close message.

I think I was using Firefox at the time. I wonder if that sort of **** would happen in opera 9.5 or Firefox 3 with adblock plus and no script.
There's no image that can single-handedly crash your browser unless its like a huge .gif file and your computer is a piece of crap.

What you most likely saw was a webpage that had only an image but there was some sorcery going on in the background that crashed your browser. Prolly installed a few viruses here and there on your computer too, but hey what do I know.