Found this over on TalkBass...I thought it was interesting how similar the two sound, especially considering the fact that the Ric is 5, maybe even 10 times the price of the Peavey.


edit: so I don't get in trouble, this isn't a "which one do you think is better" thread.
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1. I find it funny that when he's tapping the drums in the beginning..he's not even tapping right

2. His tone disgraces a rickenbacker =\ nofun
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3. I think his volumes a bit too low to make an accurate comparison as too how similar they sound.

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The problem with his tone comes from the amp he's using, so any shortcomings in the Ric's tone would be present in the Peavey, too.
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I'm claiming it's another win for the Rick.
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...how is this not a versus thread, exactly?
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