I saw a wine in asda last nite labeled beringer, and bought sum, lo and behold it was just as crap as anything behringer makes lol
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the lord of sexyness...
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I'm a fan of Fender Vintage myself. Their reissue stuff is just not as good though.

Well when CBS bought it in 1965 it just lost its charm...

But a good Vintage '57's aroma is just heavenly!
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Was it Behringer or Beringer?

I can smell a lawsuit...

I'm pretty sure it's a surname.

My grade 7 french teachers last name was Behringer.
dont get the line 6 wine... it tastes all digital
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
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Sucks to be her :P

Oh I fuckin hated her.

The fact that she told me the first class that if I'm anything like my brother I should leave right then pissed me off.

Now that I look back at it, it's kind of funny, seeing as I did shit all in that class.
Haha, I hated my French teacher so much aswell.

Funny thing, their women are so hot...