New light and simple keyboard made wonder I created.
You can find the song "Closure." in my UG profile. As always any feedback is welcome.
Thank you for your time and enjoy!...
It was kind of boring. Like on hold music. Mellow and relaxing, but boring.
The overall theme & vibe was cool, different music for different moods...why not?
I really get into hearing al the different styles that people have to offer. IMO, it had some hints of maybe a David Arkenstone-type influence or something.

I think for myself, I was looking for a little more dramatic change after about the 1-1:30 mark....more so than just the same theme transposed up then back down again.
A change in theme would've added to it I think, just something to spice it up/break it up a bit.
But I like your tunes...Makes me want to get some keys to mess around on.