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ever noticed how those pedal cases by boss and others are over 100 dollars?
Thats rather expensive for a bag. I decided spending that money on other guitar gear was a better idea and made my own bag.

What youre gonna need:
- an old laptop bag which will fit all your pedals (and that you dont need for a laptop).
this may cost nothing if you have one, or you may need to buy one from your local computer shop. This may seem stupid, but good laptop bags go for 50 dollars where pedal bags go for over 100.
- some velcro that works like a sticker (I got mine at a local textile shop). About a meter did just fine for me. I fitted in my footswitch, tuner, wah, and overdrive.

first take some time to position your pedals. The effect flow needs to work and you need to place each pedal in a position where you can easily and intuitively use them all (ergo not the other way around. Thats gonna make switching awkward).

make sure:
- you put the rough side of the velcro on the bottom of the bag and the softer side on the bottom of the effect pedals.
- you dont put velcro over any battery compartments as youre gonna have to need new tangle tie when you replace the battery.
- try everything with the cables in there. Those take up important inches. Just because itll fit without the cables definately doesnt mean itll fit with em.

et voila, youve invested an afternoon of puzzling and have a return of about 40 saved dollars if you didnt already have the laptop bag and about 90 if you did.
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sounds like a nice idea....
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Quote by lefthandman9876
tangle tie?

dya mean velcro?

I do thx. Im not english and thats not a word youd use a lot so I used freetranslation.com... I should rly get up from my chair and get out the dictionary. Too lazy.
Gibson Les Paul std faded, Godin LG
Marshall jcm900
Keeley ds1, maxon od808, boston tu500, RMC Wizard
Funny thing is I just started a similar project using a laptop bag! Only problem I am working out is the bottom of the bag is too "flexible." I am thinking about cutting a board to size, wrapping it in velcro friendly material and placing inside bag. This way you could leave board inside bag or even remove the board itself. I guess if you remove board, that would turn the laptop bag into more of a carrying case. - I'll try to get pix of where I am at so far. Great Idea!!!