I suck so bad at music. Im wondering that the chords are for a certain scale, like if theres a formula or sumthing.

for example, the C major scale, i know the chords for that are C D E G etc etc, but which of these are major or minor or diminished etc.

Is there a pattern (for example, maj maj min maj etc) for it?

or does it depend which major scale your using.
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Maj(root), Min, Min. Maj, Maj, Min, Dim, Maj (root)

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We take the major scale, and build the chords in 3rds;

C major - C D E F G A B C

I C maj - C E G
ii D min - D F A
iii E min - E G B
IV F maj - F A C
V G maj - G B D
vi A min - A C E
vii° B dim - B D F

This is the same pattern for all major scales. Just to see if you get what I mean, see if you (TS) can work out the 7th for each chord using this method of stacking 3rds. I'll start you off, C major 7 is C E G B.