Basically, running a low-end game on a lower-end computer.
It said I needed to update the drivers for my video card or something.

How do I find out how to, where to, etc.?

Help appreciated.
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Quote by akimbros
What is your video card's name and what is the game?

I don't know, and the first Call of Duty.
Gore AND Core; unite!
Lol, your question wont get an answer with out more details. There's alot of different graphics cards, and most computers manufacturers sites should have the drivers on there if it's a semi recent model... I know HP's site has drivers covered.
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Go into your control panel, into hardware and sound, and open up device manager. Show 'display adapters', and it will show the make and model of your graphics card.

Google it. So I would google 'mobile intel 965 express chipset family driver update'. Hopefully you'll find a page with their driver updates.
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