Regardless to the title, i know how to change strings etc, and have done so many times before, i'm not a complete spanner monkey.

...anyway, i bought some lemon oil off ebay the other day, and am awaiting its arrival.

Lemon oil:
how much should i use?
Should i leave the strings off whilst it 'dries'?

And regarding the strings - i read somewhere its bad for the neck to take all the strings off at once, numerous times, as the neck is supposed to be under constant pressure? Is this true, or does the neck stay strong, and in the correct shape due to the truss rod?

no you do it with the strings off otherwise it will corrode them.
depending on the product to what fret board you can use it on, many arnt suitably for bird eye maple necks because the woods to soft but it will say on the pack.

the neck thing is generally only if its over long periods of time and only thur necks. bolt on's dont tend to warp that easily cause of how there attached but as long as you dont spend hours with them off and have a constant change in temperature the neck should stay straight.
Can't really answer the lemon oil question, but a few months back I had tried to reduce some "buzz" on my low E and in the process of jacking with the bridge and saddles over a period of a couple of weeks, I had totally ****ed up the tone beyond my ability to recover.
Long story short and back to your question, when I took it into to my guitar tech,(Been dealing with this guy for a couple of years and he is no poser, really knows his ****), I also mentioned that I had been replacing the strings all at once and had recently read a forum where the guy said it would screw up the neck.
He said that was a bunch of bull ****; the truss rod set properly keeps the neck in the correct alignment.
And when you think about it, the amount of tension produced by 6 guitar strings would not be enough to hold; stress; warp; or do **** to much of anything, let alone your guitar neck.

Hope this helps;
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Cheers. So not much to worry about when spending a few minutes changing strings.

Can anybody help me out with the lemon oil questions?

-how much to use?
-Leave it to 'dry'?
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Cheers. So not much to worry about when spending a few minutes changing strings.

Can anybody help me out with the lemon oil questions?

-how much to use?
-Leave it to 'dry'?

the way i do it is to take all the strings off, wipe the fretboard with a dry cloth, then spray some lemon oil onto the cloth and apply it to the frets. then i spray some directly onto the fretboard and wait until the wood absorbs it. you dont need to worry about over-doing it because the wood will only absorb the amount it needs. then i wipe again with a dry cloth until the wood is dry; if you have done it right the wood should be darker. also, some oil can seep out of the small bit between the metal fret and the wood if you spray it directly onto the guitar, but that is okay i think.

if there is a section of the fretboard that you play a lot more than others (eg if you are always soloing from the 12th to 15th frets) then it should absorb more oil than other frets, so some will be coated with oil and other frets will absorb more. try to remember which frets you play most and watch how they react to the oil.
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