Dont know if im in the right forum ,if not sry

I've bought a new guitar through the internet and the 5 way switch only goes 4 ways because its not high enough .
what can I do against it???

do you mean it will only go to 4 positions or only like moves 4 times, because that would be 5 positions. :P
the problem is that it would go in 5 ways but the body of the guitar blocks the last one
do you know what i mean?
and sry for the bad english
what he means is that the switch is a 5-way switch but the bdy or something about the actual guitar keeps it from going to the last toggle option for the pickup selector so is there any way to get around that

i would say to change the shape of the body around the pickup selector so you can use it
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So, you access the electrics from the back? as it doesn't have a pick guard- which is what I was trying to find out.

Can you sand wood away that's stopping the switch without damaging where the screw goes or it showing under the cover?

I assume you meant no pickguard - I know - that's what I said.

If you take the back off the electronics cavity, can you see what is stopping the switch from moving properly?
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of course only 4 positions^^

He already covered that off.