I'm the bass player in a 5 piece band consisting of a vocalist/rhythm guitarist, drummer, lead guitarist, keyboard player and myself. Now, not meaning to sound unnecessarily harsh, but its not going well. While they are all good players, only the keyboard player and I have any level of musical knowledge. With the guitar players having no knowlege at all, its making it really difficult for us to write songs which flow (the keyboard player and I writing the guitar parts isnt working). They keep promising to learn scales, how to read notation, etc... but for whatever reason, its just not happening. The bands really suffering.
Is it really integral that they write their own riffs?
Should the keyboard player and I continue to work on the guitar pieces?
If not, should we give them an ultimatum or something?
Basically...PLEASE HELP!
Well, if they want to have any creative input in the band, it is probably important they write some of there own stuff. However, if they don't really care, then you and the keyboard player should just write the guitar parts. And if they don't like it, tell them if they can write something better, then they can use that instead.
like duuh, if a member of a band isnt keeping up, show'em the door.Just warn them before and make sure they get youre talking serious.I dont know too much musical theory but whenever i played with someone i didnt ask for help only once and no one was bothered.If you think its better, you and the keys guy write your own songs and mock the others, or look for new/experienced band members.

Edit: lol 2 different opinions.
keep your singer, and kick out your lead guitarist.
you keyboardist can play leads and comlpicated stuff easier anyways.
and keep you drummer, just make sure he drums...
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It's not too necessary for the guitarists to know how to read notation perfectly but it is a good idea for them to know scales/how to build chords/ how to follow them in a melodic way, etc. I would start looking for new guitarists to be honest. After a while, writing all the parts for everyone in the band sucks and gets tedious. Since you're the bass player, you should probably help with the guitar parts. But if I had those guys in my band, they'd be gone. Fast.
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