Hey guys I am new to this site but I have a slight problem, I have had a PRS SE Custom 22 for about 2 years now and untill about 3 months ago when I had it fixed at Sam Ash it sounded great. Now I can't hear it at all when I am not plugged in to the amp (or very little) and when it is in the amp it is much quieter, could this be because they put lighter strings on or is something wrong with my guitar?
It could be due to that so wiring is lose and it dosn't get the proper connection that it needs. Hard to tell if its the guitar, amp or lead that is causing it.
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i think he means he cant hear the actual guitar. like acoustic, no amp. i dunno thats a weird question... maybe your just going deaf
I really just noticed the problem when I was at this camp called camp jam and I couldn't hear it acoustically, but early in the week the guitar guy there who fixes guitars for a living fixed my jack because it bassicaly fell off and I didn;t want to screw up the wires. Is there any way it could be the strings? I really don't know that much about guitar repair I will call it but these are the lightest strings I have played on but I don't think that would affect the guitar in the amp.
Maybe if he put .08's or .09's on it would be quieter. What did you have before?
Before I always used 10s or 11s but my mom took it this time and they gave her eights. If thats true i have to get the guitar polished and stuff anyways so I will just have them change the strings.