I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe which I love, but I'm finding it really difficult to carry it around and to practices all the time. I also think it needs new tubes (I've started getting a really muddy tone which was very clear before) but it's going to be difficult for me to get them replaced soon and I have a few gigs coming up.

So I think I'm going to get a smaller tube amp just to act as a backup and band practice amp. I'm not looking to spend a lot, my price range is about £400 absolutely tops, about $750.

I suppose, given that I love the tone of my Hot Rod, the Blues Junior would be the most obvious choice. But it wouldn't hurt to check similar amps out - it might be good to have something more capable of producing nice distortion (not a massive issue though).

I noticed this Epiphone Valve Standard is very cheap, for instance.

Any advice UG?
VC15 or VC30, has great clean channel and better overdrive IMO than the HRD. It's also really great value. VC30 might be better considering you are in a band.
Workout, bulk up a little, and that amp won't be so heavy bro! J/k. A tube change will cost a lot less. Plus, the Laney VC30 is just as heavy as an HRDx.
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I really don't want another 30 watt monster. I need something more portable!

(the tube issue is a side note - I just need a smaller tube amp for practices)
The valve standard isn't bad at all.
But the DSP effects are a damper on the tone.
I missed the reverb when I bypasses it, but the other effect were junk.
The sound change though?
Like taking a blanket off the speaker.
night and day. So much warmer, cleaner, tubier.

So after all, I'd say go for a valve junior combo or halfstack, or if you need all that clean room in a 15W, then a blackheart handsome devil combo.
Or wait for the valve seniors to come out.
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