From the area of Kidderminster.

Looking for people to jam with.

Might be starting either a Thrash or Metal/Deathcore band with 2 friends, might need a guitarist and a bassist.

Give me a message
Hey duder!

Currently living in Kiddy n lookin for people to Jam with. Been playing for about 8 years and into all styles.

Let me know what you think!

Safe mate, won't be able to play though for about 3 weeks. Got my arm in a cast for another 2 weeks and I go on holiday a day later for another week

I'm not that good, intermediate going into advanced.

My rhythm's pretty good, I'm just crap at soloing.
No Worries!

Just let me konw whem your up for a Jam n we'll sort somethin out!

If you could list 3 of your favourite bands, what would they be?
Well... I'll just list my favourite 5

-Lamb of God
-Machine Head

I also like tons of Metalcore/Deathcore, bits of Tech-Death.


I'll send you a F/L, so hit me up anytime .
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