Ok I gotta say its hard rock, but why did so many pay it out? Just cause the sound was different, or you felt they werent being themselves?

Personally I like the album. Some bits are a bit lame, but meh.

Same I thought when ACDC released Thunderstruck album. I thought, oh no they gone commercial.

But, wouldnt it be amazing if Metallica was the first band in history to get back to their roots.

I remember seeing an interview of Keith Richards and he said something like, NO we will never be back in that phase (refering to the 70s) or sound, the way he said it was so intellectual, as only Keith can be, but same applies.

FFS, any of those try hard nu metal, core, apple core, candy floss death metal kids gonna diss metallica, imagine how much your fav band will be laughed upon in 20 years time, ICE ICE baby.