Can anyone please tell me the settings for "Sweet Child O Mine" on an RP90 pedal, I looked through the Settings Thread but I could not find settings for my pedal. My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, please can anyone help me. Thanks in advance...
horlicks + use neck pickup
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I have a crappy small Epiphone one that came with the pack. I have an RP90 pedal, and I was hoping someone had the settings for that or one similar to it.
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horlicks + use neck pickup

He doesn't use neck pup all of time, although he does for the main riff and half the licks.

By any chance is it the Epiphone Valve Junior?
Low tone settings on the guitar, neck pick-up and some overdrive. Not sure about the EQ settings...

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No one here has an RP90? If you do please can you help me on the settings for the PEDAL.
Well then you'll never get it. Just get as close as possible, and try the EQ settings I posted.
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He doesn't use neck pup all of time, although he does for the main riff and half the licks.

finally someone else who realizes that. most people seem to think he's on the neck pup almost half the time, and therefor when they play GNR stuff it always sounds less raw and more smooth.

you NEED a british voiced tube amp, an american one would do good too but not as close. then you need to get some good tube saturation and use humbuckers.

your les paul II is kinda budget guitar, but has buckers so it should still sound alright. i recommend getting a valve jr. or blackheart, OD pedal such as the bad monkey and then see how much better it comes out.
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well it seems like he really is on a budget and all that will push about $350 if he gets the blackheart. it is possible to get a gnr's tone out of a RP90 because it does offer the right amp models and effects, you just have to know what you're doing i guess.

don't look for an exact tone, because you're never going to find it. just get as close as you can. gear like that can't give you an immidiate Slash tone.
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