I've never heard anything bad about Schecter guitars, but I wanted to know if anyone has this guitar and if it's versatile. Because I'm looking for a new guitar and I need one that can do everything from Jazz to Surf to metal and shred. Any other suggestions would be great, my budget is about $500.
Schecter Diamonds are usually more metal-oriented guitars. They love heavy distortion, and this guitar is no exception. The EMG's should really give it away. ^^ It'd probably do well with shredding (the Floyd Rose) but Jazz and Surf, I don't think it's the best choice.
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I own the Damien 6. I don't have the Floyd Rose but I do have the same EMG pups in there. They sound great going to my metal muff but the clean guitar leaves a little to be desired. In my opinion the highs don't have quite enough sparkle to them. My suggestion would be to get to a guitar shop in town that has it and try it out. And if you do decide to buy it the Boss CS-3 Compressor pedal does wonders for evening out the dynamics of the Damien.