Hey guys, I have a fender 48th street custom strat, I like the sound of the guitar but I want it to sound a little bit heavier but not to lose its classic rock sound, is their any not super eexpensive pickup that I can replace the humbucker with that would do this, and if I have to lose the classic rock sound out of that pickup so be it.
Actually, I'd recommend a compressor pedal with a distortion on it like the Jekyll/Hyde pedal instead of changing your pickup. You'll be amazed what a difference it makes. If you go for a high output pickup, you might regret it because of the lack of styles that will sound good with it. Keep the orig pups and in one session you can go through a multitude of styles. changing pups in very well built guitars are like oil changes every 3,000 miles....way over rated and not really needed. Like EVH says, "It's all in the fingers".
yeah I like pedals but I just bought one and my mom will yell at me if I buy another, I looked at that pickup it looks really good if there any other ideas I would greatly appreciate it.
I'd suggest the GFS vintage '59.
Exact specs of the gibson PAF humcuckers.
The pups rock was built on.

They have other colors/covers, too.

Excellent pickup.
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