Hey guys, im new to the world of recording so am looking to get an audio interface that is of a good quality and will last me from beginning to end. My current equipment i have USB audio interfaced Samson G Track Condensor Mic and a Macbook running logic studio 8. Now i will be upgrading the mic to an XLR one of good quality but am looking for an audio interface first.

My budget is 250.00 and ill be recording everything from Banjo, Mandolin and Piano to drums, vocals and backing vocals etc so need something that can cope with alot of inputs.

Now so far i have found
http://www.dv247.com/invt/froogle/46604/ which is the tascam us1641



now i am lost and need some help on deciding which if any is best for me and even getting some suggestions from you guys as to what you think would be best in other makes etc.
wow that first one looks sweet, just like something i was looking for...
glad i could help lol
i don't know what i am looking for, ideally i need something with INPUT MONITORING with 0 latency aswell.

And do i need to buy a seperate preamp thing or shall i get one with preamps built in like the second one which is m audio
earlier i was looking at some presonus interfaces, and it seems like they are what you are looking for.

like this, it has its own preamps, and input monitoring
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The tascam only has a USB 2.0 connection and probably wont be able to track all the inputs at once.
I suggest looking into a PreSonus FP10 firewire unit if you are looking to track that much in one take..

As for m-audio, I really like all of their products and a 4 XLR input interface like the one you are looking at is a nice deal.

Keep an eye on ebay for Presonus gear, you may get lucky.
so i have managered to look at both these interfaces and was just wondering which would you guys go for?

PreSonus Firestudio PROJECT (the cheaper one) :p or the PreSonus FP10

now looking at them and reading them it looks like the firestudio is an upgrade of the fp10 so i was wondering which would be best for me really.

Just want best quality possible with all the line ins etc.

ONE final question, the Input monitoring only has one headphone in jack for monitoring, what would i do if i needed to monitor using 2 headphones, eg. one for me and one for my friend. Some audio interfaces have 2 headphone jacks. these dont.

thanks guys!
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they are fairly similar, the FP10 is a little older but is much more stable with Cakewalk Sonar. I'm sure you would be happy with either one but if you have the money to spend and can find a good deal, why not go with the upgraded Firestudio Project?...

Get a headphone amp and feed an output to it. you can usually monitor 4 sets of headphones and adjust volume to each.

If I was buying I would go with the FP10 (yes its a firepod)
You can usually get them for $100 less than the Project
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I would go for the FP10 (Firepod) as I think you'll be able to find it quite a bit cheaper, and the Firestudio is only slightly improved from that. Same inputs, same preamps, etc.
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I have an M-audio Firewire 410 and it works perfectly. I haven't encountered any problems with it as of yet.

I think it's $200-$250 through Musicians friend.
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thanks guys for the rsponse, again still between fp10 or firestudio project, im leaning towards the firestudio project as its slightly more expensive meaning im guessing its Slightly better lol
am i right in saying this?
Honestly those 2 units are similar. Your best bet is to compare the features of each side by side, and see if it is worth the price tag for the more expensive unit.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with either interface. My experience with PreSonus has been VERY good.

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Sorry to the previous reply you said "get a headphone amp and feed an output too it" what does that mean (the feeding the output part)