Hi. I'm looking to buy a Mesa Dual Rectifier.

I was wondering what the diffrence was between the Standard Dual Rectifier and the Dual Rectifier Trem-o-Verb version.

Do they both have that rectifier rock sound ?

Thank you in advance
the dual rectifer is great but i dont know about the trem-o-verb its proably the same thing but with tremolo
The trem-o-verb is the combo version of the Dual rectifer, Try them both out though, cause when I played a Dual rectifier at my local store it sounded hella different compared to the combo version.
Well i kinda wanted a combo amp.

If i buy a 100 Watt Dual Rec head. Can i run it thru a 2x12 Cabinet ?
If you match the OHMs then you can, read up on that before springing for a cabinet. Also do you really need 100 watts?