Hi all I want to paint a design(something like hendrixs) on to my guitar, but i need some help as to what paint, and method to use, I have no idea!

I can get hold of most materials so that wont be a problem. my guitar is a cherry red fender squier strat, (there is a picture on my profile)


Thanks in advance

p.s if you have any design suggestions, notes pictures etc i'd love to hear them.
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If you're doing a similar design, buy the Acrylic lacquer from hobby or craft stores that you can apply with small brushes. This will be perfect for when you clearcoat with the Acrylic available in spraycans.

If you want to use spraycans throughout the finishing process, Acrylic is available for sealer/primer, colorcoat, and clearcoat.

You can also use Deft Nitro clearcoat on top of Acrylic lacquer. It's about $4/can at Lowes and other bigbox DIY stores.