I own a takamine GS430s, and I need a hardshell case for it...

I'm pretty sure the GS430s isn't the standard dreadnaught shape, so does this mean dreadnaught cases wouldn't be right? If not, what kind of case will I need (suggestions?)
any pics of your guitar maybe?
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any pics of your guitar maybe?

don't have any pics of my actual guitar, but here's the link from the website:


body type says NEX, so I look for an NEX type case, right?

I was looking through the first few pages of case on the guitar center website, and I don't think any were specific NEX cases...
NEX would be takamine's name for that shape. Nobody will make a case specific for it. It looks more like a jumbo to me. You should probably just take your guitar to a big store and ask to try out their cases to see which one fits best. They won't mind.
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Make sure the guitar is nice and snug in there, so that if you unfortunately do drop it, it will receive none or as little impact as possible. If it weren't snug it would be whacking off the walls all the time.