Hello there,

I bought an old Fender Champion 110 PR225 for $50... but the volume keeps dropping off randomly, sometimes when i turn it on too high and when i hit certain notes or mute strings.

I did some googling and found out that it might be a parasitic oscillation?

Is there something I can do to fix it myself, and if i bring it in for repair, how much will it cost, and is it worth it? Should i just buy a new amp?

Thanks for your help...
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for a SS, that amp isn't half bad. but if the repair is over 30 dollars, it's not worth it.

i'm not going to pretend i know perfecly what parasitic oscillation is, but i have an idea of it.
i'm pretty sure that wouldn't cause random volume drops. but, i could be wrong.

anyway, i'd take it to a shop. ask them how much they think it'll cost. if it's under 25 or so, i'd let them fix it, if it's more, i'd get a new amp.