just listened to "in the fire" (something sounding like that anyway ) and i liked it alot!

I've only heard "Down With The Sickness" and "Stricken" (Stricken from Guitar Hero 3, *grabs flameshield* )

so any more excellent songs by them?

my friend is a huge fan of them and says the sickness is their best album so maybe start there
The band is just called Disturbed, not The Disturbed...just to let you know.

Anyways, The Night off of the new album is excellent, Voices off of The Sickness is great too.
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Lol, They're just called Disturbed and the song is called Inside the Fire. But anyway..

I've recently just got really into them. Stupify is their best IMO, but ten thousand fists in the air is really good.
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
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Thanks all for posting
It's 'Disturbed' not The Disturbed. Theres probably a Disturbed thread, which would be more helpful than the pit in bands & artists somewhere.

But so this isn't completely useless, their most popular album is Ten Thousand Fists. The title track, Just Stop, Deify & Land Of Confusion (cover) are pretty good.
Their first album is easily their best, and believe is good.
Don't start on ten thousand fists though, I hated that album at first.
if u like the disturbed you should check out the led zeppelins lol im kidding there is no the. but buy their new album "Indestructible" and their debut "The Sickness" those 2 are the best.
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i always like the Believe album best. Prayer is my favorite song. Look them up
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Def start and finish with "the sickness" album. thats all you'll need.

also, reading this thread has mad it painfully clear that 99.10% of UGers download songs and go by their titles.

Pedalboard with "ten thousand fists in the air" title to the song "10,000 fists" for example.
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