Ive heard good things about Tanglewood but how good quality are they? I often like to check, I havnt the money to waste on a nasty guitar. Any models in particular? Also while Im at it, what about Crafter? They look good but how is the sound?
...Oh yeah and theres a £350 ($700) budget.
And no I dont need an expert but help is always nice
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Firstly in the guitar world £350 does not equate to $700. This changes if you want to pay import duties galore.

My Tanglewood is a TF8:

It lovely,great tone and as my grandad called it a "squawk" in the sound (no idea what he meant). Either way when we were jamming he used my Tanglewood and I was made to use his Gibson (I can't remember the model).
I got my TF-8 for £160 because I pretty much kept the shop open single-handedly
well i have a tangle wood TW 300 (thats what it says there anyway). Its a ok guitar nothing special but plays decently. I gues it comes again to your own preferences to the tone and such, just try before you buy and you'll be fine in your choice.
heheh thanks. However I am looking especially out for a single cut (I like to use higher fretts - even on acoustics).
Also, anybody know anything about crafter?