£650 ($1300 is) the most I've ever splashed out on a guitar and I need your opinions on which guitar I should get.

The only guitar I've considered so far is the ESP LTD f 400, from what I've heard it is a metal machine, and that's what I play - heavy metal. Can any recommend another guitar, which may sound better for the money? No tremolo's or locking bridges please.
ESPs are way overpriced in England so if I were you I'd go with either a Fender Jim Root Tele or a Jackson RR5, they're both damn good guitars. The Jackson is about £10 over budget though.
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dude if u buy it here its only like 700 bucks
do you play rhythm or lead? either way id check out Schecter Damiens or Hellraisers, theyre mainly for lead think but still amazing guitars.
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Oh man I'm well and truely on the point of no return then

Are you saying the ESP is not worth the price? Anyway I'll have a look into the RR5 and Tele.
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Ibanez RG1570 is way better.

if you consider a jackson, dont even look at Ibanez, A jackson or even a fender are soo much better...
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if you consider a jackson, dont even look at Ibanez, A jackson or even a fender are soo much better...

Yeah I know, I currently have a Jackson and I think the tone blows anything from Ibanez away.

Thanks for the "suggestion" but I don't want anything with a locking bridge or trem.
Ehm... What amp do you have? Because that's atleast half of the sound right there...
Crappy amp = Good Guitar irrelevant
Good amp + Good guitar = Win.
I would buy a Schecter Damien/Hellraiser or a Ibanez RG1570.
And if you have a crap amp then get a better one.
Valveking 112 + Any guitars above = WIN!
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