does anybody have a clue of the gas mileage on a normal jeep wrangler?
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Hummer = 3 gallons per mile

are you stupid?
a hummer can drive 8-10 miles per gallon.
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are you stupid?
a hummer can drive 8-10 miles per gallon.

That's still sh*t, which was my point.
Hummers are NOT economical to drive.
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inb4 jeep brah

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to whoever guessed thirty, you're wrong. The last consumer reports I got said the base jeep wrangler got 16mpg city 21mpg hwy. Don't know how this compares to older models. How lazy are you? I just googled "jeep wrangler mpg and saw all the answers without even going to the links. Surely that would have been easier than making a whole thread on UG.
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inb4 jeep brah

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