I'm thinking about putting in a hotter bridge pickup up in my tele, but I was told that wouldn't remove the twang; tele's are just built that way.
anyone had experience w/ a hotter bridge in their tele?
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if you didnt want the twang, why get a tele?

I like a touch of twang, but this tele has too much of it
then you should have got a strat lol
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needless to say i've come to regret my decision with buying that tele lol
If you play metal or rock try a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail or the SD hot Stack. Their both very high output and could remove some twang in distortion or overdrive.

If not go for a lower output like a Cool Rail. Any type of rail or stack woudl remove some of it.

I mean, hell if you play really high gain stuff, throw some EMG S's in there.
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