I'm going to a small poker tourney with a few mates tomorrow. It's mainly just another excuse to get smashed (as long as you go out) but I thought I may as well try to make myself some cash. The buy-in is only a fiver, and we're just having some fun, but do you guys have any tips for me?
don't think you're hand is good just because you have a pair, or a couple of high cards. Don't think you're hand is rubbish just because you have pocket deuces.
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Don't bet money you don't have

I did. I owe a guy 10 bucks now.
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don't get confident, if you have a full house or 3 or a kind, act and bet in same way you would if you had any other hand. if you let on that you have a good hand by betting excessively on your hand straight away, people are going to be put off betting more. Also, it's possible someone else has a higher hand, so just because yours is good, doesn't mean you are guaranteed to win the round
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become a circumsizer, you get like £60,000 a year + tips.

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Make sure to wear sunglasses.
No facial expressions.
If the above point is too difficult, you need something that distractspeople from your face: Corpse paint, clown costume, wearing nothing but a thong. Alternatively, a gimp mask will help.
well if you know the hands you can get and wich one beats what try to "plan ahead" for some hands

like you get a 7 spades and a 9 spades there is a chance youll get a flush or a straight more than a pair

and dont listen to me since i lost 5.000 in online poker a while ago =D
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play online and practice. u learn certian techniques. like if u thers if ur opponent never raises and is always checking, chances are he probably has nothing, and then when u see like an ace come up, and he randomly raises everything, he's probably bluffing and pretending he has an ace , when if he rlly had an ace, he would have rasied right at the start. but then again, that could also be a bluffing technique.
Bet over the top for a few of the early hands and hopefully you'll bluff your way to pick up a few blinds and become chip leader from the off. Downside is that you'll come up against someone with a killer hand, although at the start most people don't tend to get dragged into a potentially losing battle so early on. Bet high whilst others' confidence is low.

Also, don't ever feel like you're 'committed' to the pot because you've put loads of chips in already. If you're limping along, fold. Its worth saving your chips for the next hand which could possibly be a big winner.
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Make sure to wear sunglasses.
No facial expressions.

if you wear sunglasses, be careful when you look at your cards; the glasses will reflect what you see.

its almost impossible to have no physical reactions when you get a good or bad hand. even if you have a face as straight as Bruce Willis, your voice may change when you are bluffing.

also, when the cards are dealt, i look at the other people's faces as they look at their cards to see what sort of reaction they have.
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What kind of poker we talking here?
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Everything you need to know, from beginner to advanced.


I got it from a online poker website that i used to play on. Helped me a lot.
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Focus on your opponents throughout the game. Learn early on who likes to raise on a moderately good hand, who would fold if they had the same hand, who likes to bluff, etc. Look at facial expressions and body language, most people don't realise just how much they'r giving away when they take their first look at their hand. Concentrate on your opponents even after you've folded. Do everything in moderation, if you don't switch things up often you get really easy to read. Just relax, you give less away. Drink will help
card count. wins all.
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Start tight, only play Aces, kings, queens, maybe jacks/tens depending on position, and get to know the players you are playing. Especially look for tells from your opponents. After a level or two, start to play more hands. And good luck.
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