I'm looking at it right now on GC. I'm looking for an amp that can handle anything. I play just whatever I feel at the time. But usually in the band I'm in we play hard rock. I also play classic rock, country and blues. I also play a little metal every now and then. Can this amp handle it?
no. I liked mine a lot. the clean channel is amazing. I loved the clean channel. But the gain channel can handle some blues and maybe some classic rock but thats about it.

I had a metal muff running through it to get to metal but it isn't voiced right and I never liked it. But i got my b-52 now and its a really versatile amp. If most of the stuff you play is classic rock to metal... I would definately look into something else
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I have one, the clean channel is the best part of the amp, just the distortion channel is just horrible. I use a Fuzz Face and a TS9 when I need to get distortion, and it comes out real nice. I use it mainly for rock and blues, but when I have to play metal, I just turn my Boss MT-2 on.