Can anyone finish eating a bag of Blair's Hot chips in the same time you would eat a normal bag of chips? These chips are so damn hot it takes me about a week to finish one bag. Its like these chips were made by the ! LOL
I love those, I ate them all the time in fourth grade! Get the hottest one, I think the hot as hell ones, those are the best.

And yes I can eat them as fast as I would a normal bag. I've been eating hot sauce since I was six.

These, are the best.

That would be considered toxic waste in my country.
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oh the good old days of launching strawberries at point blank range into people's faces with a ballista... brings back mammaries

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Never heard of 'em. Sound awesome though, I slather hot sauce all over every pizza I eat, its weird though, I can eat 20 really hot wings and be fine, but if I eat 1 barbeque potatoe chip I get the nastiest heatrburn ever.Its like wtf, barbeque?
Heres a thing to try on someone, mix about 15 pieces into another brand of chips and give it to someone and watch them eat it! I did it to my wife and it was hilarious!