Hey I was wondering on the Fender Super Sonic Head if it also had reverb like the combo? I'm planning on getting this amp and I noticed on all the pictures I've seen of the Super Sonic it doesn't have a master reverb knob. I don't know if I've been overlooking it or what but, could someone clarify this for me? I would like this over the 112 combo because I need the 212 cab and it's not in a combo So does the head still have the reverb? Thanks

EDIT: Here's an example http://youtube.com/watch?v=dLE149c2KwA&feature=related at 0:37
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Just get the combo? You could probably just get an extension cab if you really needed the extra speaker. Plus, when you cart around the SS to places where you DON'T need the 2x12 cab, you can just bring the combo and have it be more portable.
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