If you're in need of something to listen to...I've uploaded 16 tunes on my page (15 originals / 1 cover)...feel free to pick a tune(s), give'em a listen & then criticize away.
(I'm an old fart metalhead...so go easy on me.)
All of the Guitars & Bass were written/played by me and the Drums are all Fruity Loops tracks that I put together for the tunes. Everything was recorded with using GNX1/J-Station/V-amp2/POD 2.0 into Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro...pretty basic setup these days.
Since I don't sing at all, they are all instrumental & kinda wanky...LOL

Leave a link to yours & I'll return the favor. LOL

I will probably be out for this afternoon/early evening, but I will get around to yours tonight or tomorrow morning....if I haven't already commented out you tune that is. This is my favorite part of the forum...love hearing new stuff!

It's all here.... My Tunes ....so blast away

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just took a 30 second peek at all of the songs

Your tone is godly...overall 9.5/10
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Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
wooow groovy man, not entirely my style of music but how you bring it is another thing
very original style of playing, makes me all go inspiriing!!!

Thanks guys!
If anyone has anything they'd like to share, I love hearing new stuff. Toss a link or two on here and I'll give it a listen for sure!

Slappy....LOL dude....Not entirely sure what to make of that video link there. Humor or mockery...It was funny either way.


Forgot to mention...in regards to "tone"...
The majority of lead tones on these tunes are from either the V-amp2 (Custom Hi-Gain amp model), w/a small touch of chorus (no more than 20% on the level) and a tight reverb setting....OR....a lead patch that I created on the GNX1 Modern Hi-gain/Rectifier hybrid, with the same basic effects....OR....the Modern HiGain amp model on a POD 2.0, w/the gain set to about 55% and a Boss SD1 overdrive in front of it (Level 50%/Tone 25-30%/Gain 25%).
I tend to like lead tones that aren't overly gritty sounding. I freakin love Dime and I used to try and completely emulate his tone back in the old days, but I think I've just gotten too old for that tone or something. LOL These days I go more for a Chris Poland/Brett Garsed style, with just a bit more ambience.
Many of the lead parts were double or triple tracked as well, to get a bigger sound, without having to layer on too many effects. I've never really been a huge delay user, so I tend to kind of rely on the natural delay that multitracking the lead part will give you.

Pretty much every rhythm tone came from either the Johnson J-Station or the GNX1 or both. Almost always 2 tracks w/Rectifier type settings, and another 1 or 2 tracks of a smoother tone mixed in...usually a Modern HiGain sort of setting. Most of the time, the Rectifier rhythms are panned way out wide L/R (at least 75% ea. direction) and the smoother tone was panned in narrower and dropped back a bit in the mix.
I experimented with this basic setup constantly & never quite got THE exact result that I was looking for...but I got clase a few times. LOL

All of the Bass tones were from the J-Station and the Drums were Fruity Loops Pro Express...the free version that came with Cakewalk's Guitar Tracks Pro 2.0, which is what everything was recorded, edited & mixed on.

I've had a few questions about some of those things...so hopefully this is slightly helpful to some of you.

Thanks again,

Cheers for the crit dude.
CHRIST thats a lot to listen too! Ill just do a couple cause its getting kinda late.

Pillare of autum.
I love this, espesilly the guitar tone at the start. its all really awsome, i cant really think of any critisisms.

This sounds very eightys to me. Like the sound track to a miami cop drama lol. really cool.

Sorry this isnt really helpful criticsm. My internet keeps cutting out, I might give them another listen tomorrow.
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\Mad Cow first off this song ****ing blew my ass out.... i loved tthe pinch harmonics. the chugging and that sweep solo. I liked also how u did it turn the solo into some ridiculously song shred, although i wouldnt have minded seeing it a lil longer. Also its all pretty hardcore maybe throw in some more mellow stuff so the song could accomidate singing and not just hardcore gutteral vocals
ps http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=900908 my thread crit me please
Warg Rider

Damn hot licks! into more sick licks!


uh oh then ya get technical on me here - heavy

smooth chourus...

sick riff - then sick harmonized riffin...

Wow this is good, only thing that tells me its not a proffessional song is the fact that the recording quality isnt the best.

Solo at 2min is good but not "great" - like the rest of your song!

please C4C! (Dying Breed in my profile)
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Brain Jammage

Joe Satriani - esque

Wow great shred runs in there

What do you use to record!?

hate fade outs tho :/
Support new music, listen to my Prog Metal Band:
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR White

Peavey 6505+ /w Mesa-Boogie Rectifier 2x12 Cab
like everyone else has said you tone is awesome. i listened to quarantine zone, and immediately was like yea aweesomee. haha. i love the riff that starts around 1:10 and the soloing is very tasteful. this song is just full of awesome grooves and riffs.

thanks for the crit
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Listened to Mad Cow. Very nice and tight playing especially rhythm. You nailed the pinched harmonics which sound really cool. It reminded me of Inflames with Metallica which is a ****ing awesome combinatio Someone said make it a bit more mellow but i'd keep it as it is. Perhaps get someone to add some vocals if you can to it.

Nice lead phrasing too.and...

Awesome Tone you have - I checked out some of your other stuff too - really sweet lead sound.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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I like your stuff.. didn't really have time to listen to everything but liked what I heard alot! =)
Pretty cool songs..

Here you can check my music if you want:
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Thanks for the comments guys!

BrainCheese, yeah I posted a comment about it yesterday.....#19 I think. LOL
Awesome song & playing man....I shall listen again, just because it was so damn good though.

JHR....yeah dude, I've listened to the tune but hadn't posted a comment yet. I will for sure tomorrow morning...gotta watch Forrest Griffin & Rampage beat the crap outta each other tonight! LOL

Ops, gave you wrong link was meant to link to my main page and you could listen to all stuff if you wanted.

Thanks dude!
Pillar of Autumn:

I really liked this track, had plenty of amazing guitar work in it, and it all fit seemlessly together, very well written piece. My favorite part would have to be the end though, what kind of effects did you use there? Like for the really heavy sounding drums and gongs? I loved it, and again, the end fit with the whole piece very well.

After critting the most listened to, I went to the least listened to, which was...

Quarantine Zone:

Again, I'm amazed by your ability to write instrumentals that don't get boring, cool drums, even though they are programmed. Once again, great lead work, and tight rhythm playing, I especially liked the rhythm at about 1:40, and the lead work just before that is great too, again, parts fitting into each other seemlessly, and with ease. Another example of great songwriting, well done man.

I think you've already critted my Death Metal song, and I only have one more up on this site, here's the link to the thread, it's a bit lonely it's acoustic btw

Quote by \m/Gaz
Pillar of Autumn:

I really liked this track, had plenty of amazing guitar work in it, and it all fit seemlessly together, very well written piece. My favorite part would have to be the end though, what kind of effects did you use there? Like for the really heavy sounding drums and gongs?

Just to answer your question real quick....
That ending was done with about 12-14 tracks of guitar all together, if I remember correctly. I dialed in a really muffled, low mid heavy tone for the guitars, so it would sound kind of like a gothic string section or something. Then I just wrote several complimentary parts for it & multi-tracked the crap out of everything, to give it a big wall of sound feel.
The drums/percussion/extra noises were all just done with Fruity Loops. I added in some Timpani samples and a real heavy percussion strike sample to give it a good plodding feel. The bell, is just some wav sample that I found online somewhere.
That short section ended up taking so many tracks, that I had to record it seperately and import it into the main working file. The Guitar Tracks Pro program that I use, only has 32 tracks to work with & I think that this section alone ended up being somewhere around 16-18 tracks. LOL

Thanks for the comments!

I listened to many of your songs, but these were the ones that stuck out the most

Sins of Omission - I realize it's a cover song, but I love the tone you were able to get out of this, Did you record all the tracks yourself? They sound superb.

Sin Eater - I digged the dissonant chord transitions in the first section of the song. This song has a very cool feel to it, something I might expect in a first-person-shooter video game. I love the solo, all in all great technique and great recording, but I wish it didn't end so soon or at least end the way it did.

Twinkies of Fury - I had to listen to this song because of the twinkie reference. You've got some insane stuff in here. I don't know what else to say, besides the fact that I'm jealous of your technicality =p.

Quarantine Zone - I loved the first 45 seconds of this track, it all tied together perfectly. I did find the chord sequence after that a bit too simplistic, though. It sounded decent, but it became just a tad repetitive (I'm quite guilty of doing this all the time). However, this is an awesome track, and it's obvious that your playing is anything but simplistic otherwise.

Frailty - I felt the guitar part tied very well into the track, especially the guitar rhythm track. However, there was something about the drumtrack at times that sounded a little unfitting, I guess it sounds a little too _bright_ or something. I love when the song starts to slow in tempo, you've got some neat riffs that follow.

Anyway, thank you very much for critiquing my work. I have limited experience with recordings, and my current resources aren't the greatest I either. I'll invest more time into tweaking my tone and more careful editing of my tracks. I rarely have a full concept of a song lingering in my mind, usually it's bits and pieces, and I always have trouble coming up with basslines or music for other instruments that isn't just playing the root note of the chord or gets lost in redundancy (which you probably noticed in my drumtrack). Anyway, I appreciate that you took the time to critique my work, honestly, I feel inspired by individuals like yourself that are technical without flaunting it, but helping others to be able to achieve similar goals. Anyway, I'll take some action immediately, I've always been scooping out my mids, but many people have been telling me lately that the mid-frequencies are lacking... Cheers to you, you've got some great tracks.
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