Hudson County Community College
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julliard, but goodluck getting in <_<

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Hudson County Community College

hahahaha, community college...... um i go to Case Western Reserve in Cleveland and CIM is nearby and is pretty damn good for that (Cleveland Institute of Music) ive taken some theory classes for fun and theres some cool music writing software and **** u can use
aside from julliard, there are some really great music programs at major colleges, i know people at the music schools at the University of Miami, University of Southern California, University of Michigan, Northeastern University, Syracuse
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I go to college with mattrsg1; for what it's worth he is the best guitarist I have heard in person, and in particular stands out from others in my age group. You will not be disappointed, honestly.

for theory and instrument focus probably julliard. for contemporary stuff probably berklee, but most music schools are way overpriced.
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Musicians Institute?


definitely not. MI = gimmick school. Fun in sunny hollywood!!! stars everywhere!!! record companies right around the corner!!!! (yeah right next to the gang selling crack)

To the TS:

no offense, but how would any of us know? We would have to have gone to all of them.... which is ofcourse impossible. Or know people that have went to each 1..... which is near impossible and would involve ALOT of opinion.

If your actually interested in going to college for music. Search around, ask questions. Look for a good colllege that has a program that is right for you. Some have programs geared to teaching, others for performing.

forget about finding the "best" college for music. Find a good college (there are many), and then get to work.
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Well it depends on what you want to do. Do you want to study all music all the time at a place like Juiliard or Berklee, or do you want to attend a standard univeristy such as the University of Kansas and simply obtain a degree in music?
Olivet Nazerene Univeristy looks pretty good, but I've still got four years before I can say for sure.
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nice discovery, sir.

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The joke among college applicants is that julliard is the place where students who don't get into Curtis go.

The two colleges with the lowest acceptance rates in the nation just happen to be the two I would like to attend. That full scholarship would be very nice though. Tuition is going to screw me over I can sense it.