I lowered my guitar today so its more along my waist. I did it cause I kept catching the strings with my palm when I was strumming partially muting them which was ticking me off. My strumming hand just felt higher and less comfortable than its "natural" strumming position.

First off, I notice its slightly easier to play some things, and slightly harder to play others. My thumb tends to be forced more towards the back of the guitar (which they say you should do anyway).

Anyways, should I continue this way and try to adjust, or will it hurt my playing ability. I'm a 1 year guitarist as of july 4th
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Idk, but you shouldn't be having trouble strumming even with the guitar higher up. I would say go back to the length you had it and fix your strumming prob. and then you can try lowering it again.
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wow, you remember the date you started? as for the question. i don't know, tryit and if it isn't working out for you - stop. simple as really

i remember the date i started.

some things will be harder to play with different strap heights; just choose one setting and keep on playing - it will get easier.
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