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My neck on my 24V is very straight. No relief or back curve at all, I'm noticing that when I play certain notes, I get a good amount of fret buzz. Should I loosen my truss rod a bit so that I have a slight amount of relief on the neck?
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thats what i did.when i first bought my new jackson i didnt know what i was doing .it now has a bit of relief (curve away from me) although this is not noticeble by looking at it..it sure did the job..although depending on the wood it could crack your neck depending how fa r you turn it and its advised that you NEVER do this on your own your supposed to take it to a specialist..so then there liable
i think loosening the neck would give you some relief
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Search the faq for tips on proper truss rod adjustment, if you need them. Sounds like a little loosening is just the right thing. Even after you do this properly you might still have to raise the action a bit if there is still a fair amount of buzz, but start with the truss in this case.
When I'm in lower tunings I do that, there's no fret buzz or floppy notes or anything.
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