hey guys I am in a serious dilemma. I have no idea which wah to get. There is the weeping demon, dunlop zakk wylde or dunlop jimi hendrix wahs..

I love the sound that comes out of all of them but I'm leaning towards the zakk wylde.. Tell me what you guys think of the wahs the pros and cons.

Oh and the price of these wahs are cheap cause I'm getting a 2nd hand one but its first come first serve. The wd is up for 100, the zakk wylde for 150 and the jh is for 50.

yeah so tell me what you guys think so I can be more confident in making a choice.
ibanez weeping demon ftw!

the zakk wylde wah is not that great, and is op.
i have nothing to save about the jimi
oh thanks Ghold125 haha i'll see the new thread first.. haha oops forgot mr searchbar. Thanks dude.
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