Not sure how many of you guys live in India, most probably none... but nevertheless (and if you know anyone who is, pass it along):

Here are the confirmed tour dates for the Gandhi's Cookbook tour of Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai this summer:

Basically, this tour has been organised solely by ourselves, we do not have a label or any such backing. Since I have family in India, accommodation was sorted, and we had to call any contact we knew in India to book gigs.

Please help us promote this tour by passing on the above

You can hear some of our stuff on our myspace

Self-promotion, I know, but it IS a tour of a punk band
Ahh...sweet man. I Live in New Delhi though...lame....even still i shall pass this on ...cheers!
If I was in a band, I'd totally tour in India. I'm not Indian and have never been there but I'd like to go there someday. What's the punk scene like there anyway? Are there a lot of bands?

Edit: Hey you guys are friends with Sound of Ruby! They're ****ing sick. They're actually one of my favorite bands haha.
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sound of ruby are indeed awesome!

The punk scene in india is non existant. But from what we have seen there is alot of support for underground music of all types, so that's great. I'd rather play to a wide open minded audience than a group of people out to just listen to 'punk' anyway.
I remember you making this same thread months ago :P.

It's fine though, you have a great band. Maybe I'll come around if you do a US tour.

EDIT: Your vocals kind of sound like a pre pubescent Fred Schneider.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
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I would never tour India. I can't eat Indian food.

yes because their isn't restaurants that sell non Indian food in India...
Dick+strings= owww