Influenced by the zombie thread on what weapons and stuff you would have! (search bar showed nothing on this topic)

But basicly what would you do! Run? Attack? Save loved onse?!?

Me and my mates were saying, if its shaun of the dead zombies, we should be fine.
If its 28 days later zombies, we are all f*cked.
If its I am legend zombies (or whatever they are), as long as we dont go into the dark. Otherwise we are really f*cked!!

Also do this quiz to see what your chances of survial are....


I got sumthing like 46%, done it a while ago.

Got any plans for survial??

share, & discuss
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Act like one of them and eat my relatives.
Got a 59%
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You Have a 62% Chance of Survival!

Uh, crap? Good thing it's only a stupid quiz.

Edit: Kinda weird that if you click the banner on the bottom of the page it sends you to a website where you can order yourself a Russian wife.
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My guitars are here; I'd barricade the doors and windows and never leave the house.
I'd get my ass down to the nearest supermarket, with a car. Load up all the non-perishable food and bottled water I possibly could into the car. Drive down to the marina, find either someone with a boat, or an unchained boat, and sail out into the middle of the lake my city is next to. Then, I'd just wait.
Me and a friend decided that we would hijack a giant double-decker bus, armour it, and then drive around the country killing any zombies we came across. We'd stop at night, but there would be shifts for who goes on watch while the others sleep.

EDIT: That wasn't an option on the poll, so I chose mall. I need all the food and supplies I can get.

Anyway, I got 53%. And that was mainly because I showed a little compassion towards strangers and guns are illegal in the UK.
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I'd run to the basement, grab my grandfathers shotguns, hand them out to my father and brothers, pack the van and find a clear, safe route to cottage country.
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72%, me and big T should stick together lol. Well, I would grab my sword, a crowbar and a rifle and ammo. Get some food and water, first aid kit, radio and cell phone. Drive the GM Denali to go to my friends uncles house and stock up on all kinds of fire arms, then travel into the country side only stopping into cities/towns when we need supplies. I am heading for Alaska.

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Get my M1 Carbine that I will have one day. Move everything I can into the second floor including a ladder. Destroy the stairs. Zombies can't climb
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Get on like a 3rd or 4th floor in a building and bring guns and food and then try to wait out the zombies oh and also block off all entrances with stuff like dressers and tables then destroy all the stairs,mabey even have a ladder with me to get down once all the zombies are dead.
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anyone else choose walmart?
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I had it all thought out on a day at work. I would in fact go to my place where I used to work. The only entrance (when it's shut) is the staff door, which is glass, then theres an elevator which leads to the stock room. It's double sided, so I would walk through the elevator and send it up to the stock room, preventing anyone from getting any furhter thn the elvator. I would be protected on the front doors and main window by the steel shutters (electric) and I would have a large supply of food and toiletries. I would be deemed safe for a very long period of time. Theres also a post office in there, with LOTS of cash.. So I could get rich on the way out

I used to do anything to pass the time at work
72% :stickpoke:
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70% woohoo lol

i would go to a the pawn shop down the road that has guns and guitars and tvs and stuff or wal-mart
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everyone who is interested in this thread...read the Zombie Survival Guide..its legit...all the knowledge you need to know about EVERYTHING during a zombie holocaust