So i got an adapter from a store called Clas Ohlson and everything seemed fine. I plugged it into my Digitech Whammy and set the power to 9V and I got really ****ty scraping noises at first i thought something was wrong with the whammy, then i plugged it into my mxr phase 90 and suddenly it stopped working too. Now when i press the bypass button my signal disappears and the led light doesn't glow, when i press it again my signal returns and the led light still doesnt glow but the whammy seems ok, i put the 9V adapter that i previously used for the mxr and it doesn't work anymore, it used to work perfect
I realised now that the whammy needs a 9V alternating current so that shouldnt be a problem anymore but i am hoping that the phaser has a fuse that has gone or something if not i am going to have to get it to repair.