whats the diffrence between all the rectifiers i went to the website and they got like 10 diffrent ones.
and what exactly is a rectifier?
you probably should've given this a more specific title, i can only help you out with the mesa boogie recs:

Essentially the main diff is wattage

MB Single Rectifier: 50 watts
MB Dual Rectifier: 100 watts
MB Triple Rectifier: 150 watts

obviously with more power you get more volume and more wattage normally means more clean headroom.

There also some smaller diffs but the dual and triple are essentially the same whereas the single doesn't have a solo boost i dont think which the dual/triple do

Hopefully someone els ecan come along and help you with your other equiries!
an actual rectifier converts AC to DC for the amp circuit. There are 2 ways amps do this, one is using a rectifier tube like all old tube amps used to employ, the other is to use silicon diode which was a later development. Mesa named their Rectifier series amps on the fact that they allow the option of using either. There are 3 main rectifier amps, the single rec, dual rec, and triple rec. The single is 50W with only ss rectifier, the dual is 100W with more options, and offers both tube and ss rectification. The triple is very simliar to the dual, but it's 150W. Amps like the Tremoverb, Rectoverb, Maverick, etc. are based on the Rectifier amp circuits with additonal options.
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