Okay, so i was looking into an Epi Firebird Studio, because i've heard great things about it. Someone though suggested to me that i should look into an Epi Firebird VII, for $100 less. I though wow, thats sounds great, but i cant seem to find it, so maybe he was withere mistaken or just stupid. I do know that this is a gibson model, for about $2000 more than i am willing to spend.
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the current firebird has HH doesnt it? its nice..

there was mate, it had the trem on it but i never saw one other than on their website...

maybe ebay it?

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that is really really unfortunate, well can anyone find a picture for me?

do you think i could still find a decent one on ebay?


Here's a better pic

thats beautiful!

but yeah, so there discontinued.

alright then, well this brings up a new question, since i am looking at the firebird studio (epi), what other guitars are simular and in the same price range?
and maybe somthing as beautiful as the vii.
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I think theres still a bunch of the Epi Firebird V 1963 Ltd editions for sale in a bunch of places on the net, but I can't say I've ever seen them in stores.

It's similar to the VII, only it's got a tuneomatic bridge instead of the trem assembly, and it's only got the 2 Mini Humbuckers rather than 3.

Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
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Here's a better pic

Thats is awsome. That is my dream guitar.
^I so would have bought that from you.
well I posted it on here and got reported for having an ebay link! I didnt know any better i'm sorta new here lol