I need help finding a new v guitar. i love jacksons, and esp's but i cant find one that has what im looking for. I want a king v or rhodes shaped body with a set neck or neck thru, w/ Emg or seymour pups, and double locking bridge or string thru. also 24 frets. i would also like neck binding but that is optional. I am on a budget to cant spend more than $700. I was looking at a jackson rhodes STD but cant find one any where. Any suggestions?
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I have a week old Dean Dime Razorback V with a Dean deluxe hardshell case, the only thing wrong with it is the ends got chipped a bit yesterday so I am selling it, 400 shipped (look in gear ads for pics)
Try the ESp Ltd v-500
Set-thru neck
24 frets
neck binding
string thru body
dual emg 81's
complete awesomeness