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I just learned the Nirvana version, the one they played on MTV Unplugged in the 90's.
iI think it's an amazingly beautiful song, but i want to learn the original leadbelly version, but i cant find it.
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It's a traditional song - there's no "original" recording.
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Quote by szekelymihai
is it originally by leadbelly?or joan baez.not sure of that really

It's a traditional song, so the original artist/writer is unknown.
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The title made me lol, because I'm working on a cover of Smokestack Lightnin, and that's a lyric in the song...
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Leadbelly's version just has lots of runs between the chords. I'm not sure what the technical term is, but if you already know the chords, just play some notes that sound good in between the changes. This probably wasn't helpful...

Also, I have a vague feeling that Leadbelly recorded before Joan Baez was born.