Hey peoples,

I've been getting into punk rock a lot more lately, stuff like Rancid, the offspring, Dead Kennedy's, etc.. I have a Jackson RR5 with a 15W Mesa subway rocket right now, but... I can't seem to get a decent "punk" tone. I can do okay, but... there's certainly better.

I personally think the amp is okay, but... the Jackson might be a little too metal-ish for punk. So, dear community, what is a good guitar you recommend for my punkish playing?
I tried a Gibby SG, had some amazing sound.. I don't know if I can afford that though. I'd rather trade up for a bigger amp first. And I don't know about Epi ones... didn't have any there to try.
Any suggestions appreciated!
(And I realize some people may not view those bands as "true punk". I don't really care if its true punk or not, I dig the music. Thanks for not flaming.)
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If you want an SG, go for a Special Faded. Costs less then half then standards here.
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the best way to get a punk sound is to find a guitar in the trash and play it, so it has some real punk attitude. but if you actually want something, go with a tele or a les paul junior

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Haha, finding one in the trash would be excellent, but the middle of SD doesn't offer that kind of... environment. Haha.
But thanks for the suggestions on the LP junior and the grestch. Those look like some viable things.
Anything else is appreciated. Thanks!
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If you want an SG, go for a Special Faded. Costs less then half then standards here.

No. Might as well go for a used G400 and replace all the hardware and electronics. In the end it'll sound better than the Gibson for the same price (or less).

What's your price range? Also, I'd suggest getting a new amp since your guitar should be more than able to get a nice punk tone.
I would say the most I could spend is probably around $500. I agree with you on the faded thing. Its a decent guitar, but 500 out of that 800 bucks is for the gibby name.
(The cheater the better tho. )
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Yeah I believe Strat is the standard, or a Les Paul. Nothing too special. I used to listen to a lot of punk stuff, nowadays the closest to punk I get is Strung Out, Rise Against, The Adicts, Sex Pistols, and some NOFX and Distillers.
If I were gonna go for a punk guitar, I'd want to be a little different. eBay up a beat up Gibson Melody Maker with two pickups in it. That might attract some attention, and it shouldn't be too much for a beat up one, unless you want to buy a new one. Gibson Melody Makers I've seen run from $250-350, but I'd get the two P-90s.
Either that or look up your favorite punk bands and find out what gear they use. Eric Melvin from NOFX seems to use Les Pauls. Tim Armstrong seems to use 335s. Strung Out uses ESPs (but they are more hardcore punk), Tim McIlrath from Rise Against uses Gibson SGs I believe, and the guitarists from Bad Religion I think use Les Pauls and SGs. Just looking up some of these bands' live stuff.
By something cheap, you'll just end up smashing it anyway.

I would say epi SG
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Most punk/pop punk/post-hardcore bands lately play les pauls or SG's.

like someone else has said, really just use the bridge pickup in, for the most part, any fender or gibson guitar and just turn the treble up enough to get the right tone.

I get some nice tones from my G-400
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