im gonna get the biggest line 6 spider III amp, how many wats is that? and will anything bad happen if i plug it into the wall?, is there precautions i should take because of the large amount of wattage
where are you going to be playing? at home? then 150 watts isnt necessary. What kind of music do you play and whats your budget? Nothing bad will hapen unless theres a power surge so maybe get a surge protector. And its WATTS not WATS
Don't get it please. PLEASE PLEASE don't get it.
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I would stay away from Line 6. Their amps sound very digital and sound almost like a fake guitar. I would save a little more money and invest in a tube amp or if you just want a Solid state look into the vox valetronix series.
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im gonna get the biggest line 6 spider III amp
We can forget you just posted that and start with...

What kind of music will you mostly be playing?

What is your budget?

Will you be gigging or just practicing/kicking around with friends, ie. some bedroom practice and some garage/basement stuff?

What corner of the world do you live in?

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It should be fine. Just play with a surge protector if you're worried about your amp getting damaged.
but, i'd stay away from the spider nonetheless.
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